Miaouli Square

Miaouli Square is located quite near the port of Hermoupolis. Its rare beauty makes it one of the most remarkable 19th century squares of Greece. Today, it stands in the heart of the city, the perfect destination for an evening stroll and the de facto meeting spot for island residents and visitors alike.

The square was initially named “Othonos Square” as a tribute to Otto, first King of Greece. After Otto’s dethronement on October 15, 1862, the square was renamed “Leotsakos Square” in honor of Nikolaos Leotsakos who became head of the Hermoupolis military garrison on February 28, 1862, that attempted to free the political prisoners on Kythnos.

In 1889, the square was given its present-day name of “Miaouli Square” during the official unveiling of the statue of Andreas Miaoulis standing in the square. The City Hall dominating the square is one of the largest city halls in Greece. It was designed by German architect Ernst Ziller. It was founded in 1876 and the inauguration ceremony took place in 1898. Apart from the municipal administration services, the City Hall also houses the Courts of Law, the Land Registry Office; the Archaeological Museum (early Cycladic and Byzantine exhibits), the Historical Archive of the Cyclades (housed in the Ladopoulos Mansion); and other public bodies (Bar Association, etc.).

The Cultural Center and the Municipal Library with its rare material on Syros history are also located on the square. With the imposing statue of Andreas Miaoulis standing at its entrance and its towering palm trees, the square is a sight of exceptional beauty.

Miaouli Square
Hermoupolis, Syros