Hermoupolis Cultural Center

The Cultural Center of Hermoupolis is an important part of the city’s attractions and, more specifically, one of its notable neoclassical buildings worth a visit: its façade as well as its interior are of exceptional merit. Visitors looking at the building on the outside will notice its marble parapet, balcony, masonry work, Tuscan columns, jointed stone masonry, and cornices. Once inside, visitors cannot but be awed by the wealth of painted decorations whose wear and tear was restored by painter Anna Vassilaki.

The Cultural Center of Hermoupolis was built in 1863 under the supervision of Italian architect Pietro Sampo. Later on, it passed from Italian rule to Greek hands and housed the celebrated Hellas Club until 1970. Since then, it has been hosting numerous cultural events organized by the Municipality of Syros and, following its restoration in 1998, it has been serving as a conference center as well. It stands in the central Miaouli Square of Hermoupolis, right next to the City Hall.

Miaouli Square
Hermoupolis, Syros
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