Vari Beach

The sandy beach of Vari with its shallow waters is the perfect lure visitors need to put everything behind them and try a life that is as carefree as it is refreshing. The lovely, small bay hugging the beach in its embrace invites visitors to let their imagination run wild and conjure up the rest of the coastline with its equally beautiful beaches of Achladi, Fabrica, Embati and Santorinioi. The titular village unfolds right behind the beach. It is best known for its festival which attracts huge crowds and celebrates the Feast of Dormition of the Virgin Mary on August 15 at the local church of the Virgin Mary. The church has a fantastic, panoramic view of the bay of Vari.

This beach has it all: loungers, sun umbrellas, lots of food & drink alternatives, and all sorts of accommodations. That’s exactly why it is a popular holiday destination for families, groups of friends, or those looking for a straightforward food-tasting experience in one of its classic taverns. For those seeking alternative locations, Vari is close to several other beaches as well.

The beach of Vari is 8km south of Hermoupolis and 1km away from the titular village. Visitors can choose between driving there and taking the local bus. If you own or rent a boat, you can also drop anchor at the nearby beaches of Achladi or Fabrica.