Galissas Beach

The scenic village of Galissas is just 7km away from Hermoupolis, on the western part of Syros. Once a rural village, Galissas’ development has been rapid in recent years and has become the island’s preferred tourism destination.

The area’s well-organized hotels, rooms and apartments to let, the camping ground, the variety of taverns and bars, are all signs that visitors are in for an unforgettable experience. The fabulous beach with its fine sand and natural shade (courtesy of the tamarisk trees); the well-known hill of Aghia Pakoú with its scenic chapel; the tiny harbor with its small boats, the exquisite stone-built pier and the palm trees, compose an inspirational landscape that invites visitors to take romantic strolls and drink in the beauty around them while the sunset puts a spellbinding show on.

Galissas has a brisk pace when it comes to cultural activities. It is the seat of two cultural associations which host various events annually such as theater performances, a wine festival, exhibitions, music soirées, a horse beauty pageant, a beach volley tournament, and much more. What is more, Galissas has its very own Nautical Club.