There’s nothing like the perfect setting when you’re looking for a great beach and Komito has it all: fine golden sand, clear blue waters, a great beach bar, and a tremendous view of the uninhabited islet of Strongylo which is shaped like a shark fin. Its siren song of idyllic vistas complemented by its amenities, make Komito an irresistible pole of attraction for both the locals and the visitors who flock to it. Although opinions differ on the subject, the beach owes its name either to the fall of a comet in the region or to the fact that it once was the headquarters of an Italian Comitato (Committee), something corroborated by the old mansion of Count Diakakis behind the beach.

Komito does offer some amenities such as straw beach umbrellas and a lively beach bar. It is suitable for all ages and an excellent choice for windsurfers. Komito is also close to Posidonia and the beach of Agkathopes. Komito is about 1km and 15 km away from Agkathopes and Hermoupolis, respectively.