It’s one of the island’s top choices for swimming forays thanks to the area’s majestic landscape. More of a base and meeting point than a beach in the conventional sense, Asteria’s landmark is its stone-built platform which, gazing out onto the wide blue yonder, invites you to dive straight into the waters. Behind you, on the shore, let your gaze sweep over the beachfront buildings (old sea captains’ mansions) which seem to have managed to perch themselves on the cliffs so that they can get a better view of the open sea. Among those buildings, there is no way you won’t single out the lovely church of Aghios Nikolaos of the Rich (Saint Nicholas of the Rich).

Looking for a spot by the cool, refreshing waters? The locals swear by Asteria since, apart from its other lures, it’s the closest swimming option to the city. Most of the locals will first enjoy a plunge into crystal-clear waters by the rocks and then lie lazily on the stone platform to bask in the sun and drink in the majestic view. Yes, it is a romantic spot but it’s also popular since the café-bar behind the stone platform is always bustling with locals and visitors alike. Asteria is actually part of the city, in the Vaporia district, a stone’s throw away from downtown Hermoupolis. You can’t miss it!